Virtual Servers



If your business requires a powerful server with high hardware capacity for your online projects or applications we recommend DATAVPS from EXODATA SOLUTIONS.


A virtual private server is a partition method for a physical server between several servers so everything functions as it executes from a single machine. Each virtual server is capable of working with its own operational system and can be reinitialised independently.


Cloud VPS started around 2006, being Amazon EC2 one of its first providers, although the majority of these services started between 2008 and 2010. a Cloud VPS sits on a special infrastructure that abstracts the server from the physical hardware, giving the client advanced management tools billed on a real usage basis.

• A cloud VPS can tolerate hardware failures, traditional VPS can not. The reason is that a cloud VPS sits on a special infrastructure that abstracts the server from the hardware, while the traditional VPS is embedded in a machine. If this machine fails, chances are you would have to wait hours, maybe days to reconnect the service.

• A cloud VPS offers more complete and advances management tools; for example, a cloud VPS allows access to the console, re-dimension the server in real time, add disks to the server, assign new IP addresses or initiate in recovery mode, all of which are rarely available in a VPS. Equipment update according to factory guidelines.

• Cloud VPS often use virtualization technology that emulates better hardware performance. This translates in a real and dedicated assigned cpu/ram to the VPS cloud. This would be impossible in a traditional VPS.



DATAVPS simplifies computer infrastructure management with our servers, offering multiple operative systems options, apps, back up and security protocols that enable you to conduct your daily processes safely and efficiently.

Our VPS CLOUD servers efficiently share the server's physical resources, such as cpu or memory, but compared to the known web hosting services, our servers have a guaranteed segment, thanks to innovative techniques and the virtualization software handles the equal distribution of resources between the different servers; this protects any CLOUD VPS housed in the physical server node.


Thanks to this technology, you get very high levels of availability, because our CLOUD VPS housing nodes have the best technical features with flexibility, allowing you to access your CLOUD VPS as an administrator through "remote desk" or as root through "SSH".

- CLOUD VPS servers from EXODATA SOLUTIONS enable a progressive transition from web housing to the independent management of a virtual server, allowing you adapt within a variety of services to your growth and autonomy needs with the best quality-price available.

- CLOUD VPS is the ideal balance between the liberty of the dedicated, the flexibility to grow and the peace of mind that virtualization provides.

- Contrary to many "low cost" VSP in the market, the basic models of our services have enough resources for many uses. You can even improve your CLOUD VPS directly from your client area paying only the difference and with transition guaranteed. No risks.