Hosting Service

Hosting Service


When you run a web page for your business, as well as other data on the internet, you need to have hosting, meaning, an internet controlled server where you can store your web site and all your data. This also allows you to have a server that installs your software applications, host the web sites according to storage capacity and set up the server according to your needs.

Our Advantages

Know the benefits offered by our DATAHOST:

  • Availability: You can manage this service through control panel as many times as you like.

  • Reliability: Availability to your web site 99.5% in a year.

  • Speed: High speed accesing your web site for users and visitors.

  • Security: The information on your web site can only be updated by the responsible person through the control panel.

  • Flexibility: According to your growing needs, you can increase your plan inmediattely, and buy aditional hosting services.

  • Control: Easy management and updates of your web site.
  • Support: Technical support 24/7.